Transtek has two large production bases with a 

combined production capacity of millions of units per 

month. We are also making strategic investments in 

automated production to improve production efficiency 

and product quality.

With significant investments in quality testing 

and failure analysis, Transtek manufacturing has 

developed a reputation for unparalleled quality 

and reliability. Every part we manufacture 

adheres to the strictest industry standards. 

Transtek has medical certification permits in the 

United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, 

Australia and other countries. And in today’s 

competitive climate, we provide a secure work 

environment with dedicated stealth 

manufacturing facilities to help protect our 

customers’ intellectual property.

Trantek is constantly integrating innovative 

technologies, improving our facilities and processes 

with forward-thinking ideas to manufacture high 

value-added products and solutions for customers. 

In recent years, Transtek has vastly invested in 

Automation to further advance our competitive 

edge, making scalability to even massive volume 

easy and cost effective.