Whether you’re a startup looking for design prototyping, 

or an established leader trying to get to market faster,Transtek 

can help to offer clients end-to-end services from product 

concept to mass production. This will enable our partners to 

focus on their brand building and channel operations: A true win-win.

System solution is more than just a path to

market. It’s a platform designed to give our

customers the best output at all points of product

development, manufacturing, and beyond.

Transtek has the resources to take your product

from concept to mass production. Our

state-of-the-art facilities and equipment are

instrumental in helping us concept, prototype,

and manufacture high-quality products  across

 industries without delay.

Through our innovation platform, customers

receive access to new and qualified technologies

for seamless integration. And with our expert

knowledge in regional requirements, quality

standards, and compliance, we help customers

 commercialize products fast at any scale.

We partner with leading research institutions, 

universities, technology startups, suppliers, and our own 

R&D Center to bring the latest technologies to our 

customers. From the earliest stages, customers engage 

our innovation platform to streamline product design and 

accelerate commercialization. 

Our advanced design and engineering can help eliminate 

redundancies, shorten design life cycles, expedite 

product testing, and bypass bottlenecks. All in service of 

helping you get the best products to market first.

Transtek is committed to efficiency at every

level. Our cross-industry expertise enables

Transtek designers and engineers to

incorporate the best innovations, processes, 

and practices into product development.

With a vast supplier network, we have the

scale to efficiently source high-quality

components at competitive prices. And we

apply Six Sigma and lean principles—as well as

quality assurance system—to enhance quality

and workflow and reduce time to market.